Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 7

FBS 182, maybe. The meter battery was almost dead. I ordered another battery for both of the meters. No weight loss/gain.

It's ugly, but delicious! Sort of a fuzzy picture. Matches my brain when I woke up this morning. You ever wake up and go, "Where am I?" Anyway, last night's cauliflower was mixed into two fork-whipped eggs and a patty was formed in the pan after the pancetta and excess fat were removed. Dried chives were sprinkled on top for a kick. When I turned it, well, it became a couple of blobs. I let them set up and turned again and the two blobs became what you see in the picture. Really good, though. I'll probably have broccoli tonight and that will mean leftovers for breakfast if I have anything to do with it. I have a couple of leftover sausage patties, so maybe egg layers in muffin tins?  
Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with a peach. I used smaller pieces of prosciutto this time and, therefore, had a few more asparagus. It was okay. I thought I was in the mood, but I wasn't. The peach was also just okay. I miss my brother-in-law's fresh peaches from years ago. I so prefer jarred peaches these days. I'll save buying the "fresh" ones for warming up or frying in ghee with spices. It just didn't have the flavor it should have. I guess I just didn't really want lunch today.  
I finally got the spiral cutter out of the box. I bought it about 2 months ago and never was brave enough to use it, but today was the day. I had a half of a sweet potato in the refrigerator and it was just about ready to drive me crazy. So I spiraled it! It actually couldn't have been any easier and I highly recommend this gadget. Next stop - Zoodles!
Dinner was so good I almost forgot to take a picture! I combined the sweet potato "noodles" with mushrooms and onions in a pan with olive oil and ghee. I had previously seasoned the potato with onion salt, cumin, and pepper. In another pan, I cooked the filet (which was half eaten by the time I took this photo!). I was going to add avocado, but dinner was wonderful without it, not to mention I had oils in the veggie mix. I have definitely found one way I like sweet potatoes. Success. I'll definitely try this and variations of it again.  

Reflections: I spent some time today shopping via text messaging with Ronnie. Great stuff. We're in this thing together! Where lunch was lacking in excitement and hunger, dinner was right on time. I had a banana afterward to call it a day. If I get hungry later, I have an English cucumber that I can slice up. I've been working on my reluctance to eat sweet potatoes for a long time. This is the first non-sweet application I've been able to truly enjoy. I think it was the spices and the crunch that did it. They were not super crunchy, but they weren't sweet potato texture either. 

I've been obsessing a bit today over weight and my short and long term goals. Twenty-eight more pounds is a given. I must make that goal over the long haul. Anything beyond that is a bonus, a want, not so much a need. I would prefer to lose 48 more. My obsession has been a) I didn't lose weight today and b) I have read pros and cons of the paleo eating style and the loss/no loss of weight. I get in these moods where my confidence level is low, and I think that's where I've been today. Whether it's paleo, Whole30, Weight Watchers, watching what I eat, or whatever - I need to not obsess and need to continue to live my life, do what's best for me eating wise, and continue my exercising for my knees and overall health. I repeat often that my blood sugar and other blood indicators have never been better. I know the change in carb makeup is a big part of that. I do eat carbs. I choose not to eat what most people see as carbs to keep my body and blood work in a better state of homeostasis. 

Let the obsessing be over for today. Done.

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