Monday, August 5, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 5

Ooops, late on posting!

FBS 150 and weight up .4 pounds.

Pancetta cooked slowly in a pan with some artichoke hearts which were packed in water. A couple of nice  peppery fried eggs after I added a touch of ghee to the pan. Quite yummy. Very filling too. 
I wasn't much in the mood for lunch today, so I cut up an apple and had slices with proscuitto wrapped around them. My power was out, so that worked out well for a no-cook meal. 

Before dinner, though, I was famished after running around doing errands. I whipped up a fruit salad with some leftover strawberries, cantaloupe, apple, and half banana. I added some coconut cream, vanilla bean powder, and a tablespoon or so of pecans. It's enough for about 3 servings, one of which I ate before dinner. The coconut cream, though not sweet, tied everything together. It was also leftover; I made coconut milk whipped cream last night.
Dinner was another wonderful adventure. I had some beef stir fry strips and couldn't decide what to do with them. I cut them in half, tossed them in a pan, chopped up a half of an onion to go in with it, grabbed some mushrooms out of the frig and green beans out of the freezer, and in it all went to saute. Garlic powder, paprika, and organic beef broth finished it off. I let that simmer for a while. In another pot, I cut up one turnip and cooked that through, after which I squished it down and added a bit of ghee. I had cooked a couple of potatoes in the beef mix for Richard, so served those and garlic bread to him with the beef dish. For me, I scooped all the veggies I could and ended up eating a bite of turnip with a bite of beef. Yum. After dinner, I cooked up another turnip and tossed it in the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Maybe some pistachios later, maybe not. 

Reflections: I'm having a tough time tonight. I'm not really hungry, but I'm hungry as hell. It's that old night eating coming to haunt me. I won't undo my efforts. I won't give in. But it drives me crazy that I'm even having to deal with this. But I am, and so it goes. I'm a junkie. My lovely is encouraging me to quit smoking again. I would like to do this, but I don't know when. It's something I've been thinking about as it's the last of my bad habits to go. Overeating eradication is in progress. Exercising regularly is in progress. Weight loss is in progress. Improved mood and overall life is amazing. I smoke a few cigarettes and am knowing that I shouldn't. So, what will it take for me to stop? 

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