Friday, August 2, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 2

FBS 200!!! Hoofrickinray, weight back down 2 pounds.

My stomach was not happy with me last night, but I think it was the watermelon that we had while playing cards. My friend was a burpy mess afterward, so I'm thinking she was affected too. It was good, but maybe it was too watery. Who knows? Doesn't matter. I'll just not have it later in the day like that again. Speaking of cards, she whooped me but good. My turn next week!
In my quest to like sweet potatoes, I tried a hash of sorts with onions and mushrooms, sauteed in ghee. It was okay. I'm wondering if some Old Bay would make a difference. Talk about a light bulb moment! That just came to me. Thank you, blogging brain. Anyway, the eggs weren't perfect, but they were great. I was hoping for runny yokes to have with the hash, so will have to try this again and not overdo the eggs. Overall, good experiment. It definitely wasn't gross. 
Wow, was I hungry after the pool! I had planned a trip to Fresh Market and while I was there, I got a crapload of meats and fish as well as some dried cantaloupe, freeze dried, only ingredient was.... cantaloupe!
I have today, it was really good. There's not enough in the individual pouch to encourage over eating and it is naturally sweet. It was not a super strong cantaloupe taste, but there was enough there that you knew what you were eating. It was a good emergency food and helped avert a crisis until I was able to get home and cook lunch.
One thing I like about Whole30/paleo is that I eat really amazing beef. This is a small filet. I bought two and cut them into four pieces. I was in the mood for zucchini, so sauteed some with an onion in ghee, along with the steak. I took the steak out of the pan and browned the zucchini. And, of course, a half avocado. That green stuff goes really well with beef and eggs. Good eating.  
No dinner picture. I cooked up some crab legs with Old Bay in the water, and served them up with butter. They were amazing, as always. A sliced apple with cinnamon made a good dessert. Kind of slim on the vegetables, but I have celery and cashew butter set for a snack here in a few minutes. 

Reflections: It has been a marvelous day. I ate well, I exercised well, I shopped well, and I napped well. I made some scallops for Richard in browned butter with my seasoning salt and garlic. He even commented on them. It seems that he likes the ones from Fresh Market the best, so that's where they'll come from. Today, I got turkey, beef, steak, chicken, fish, scallops, and all sorts of vegetables from Fresh Market and only spent $126. Not bad. I could be imagining it, but I swear I have more energy today already. I do know my blood sugar is in order and my weight is going down. My goal is 10 pounds for August. After that, it's countdown to October and the rest of my life. 

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