Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 14

FBS 141, weight down 1/2-pound

Last night, I had a very hard time avoiding the kitchen. I blogged about it and then decided to have a couple pieces of candy anyway. I either rationalized or a had a good conversation with myself, but the bottom line was that if I was going to eat the candy, it was because I wanted to, not because the candy wanted me to. I will not be haunted by my decision, because it's one I can live with forever. The whole key for me on a personal level, when it comes to changing my relationship with food (a huge target for W30) is for me to be in charge.

To wax philosophic for a bit, I've been addicted to the wrong foods for way too many years. Now that I am mobile and able to live my life, I am continuing to get my body and health where it needs to be to celebrate every morning's awakening. I believe with all my heart that I have found the plan that works for me and now I am turning it into my way of doing things. The rules are simple and the "eat to live, not live to eat" adage means more now than ever before.

I used to quip that "it's all about delicious," and that still holds true with some additions - nutrition, elimination of the wrong foods, and continued exercise and movement.

'Nuff of the proselytizing.
Yummy breakfast. I shredded the other half of the patty pan squash and cooked it with the pancetta. Those black bits on the pancetta are squash. I whirled some eggs with the last of the kale, and poured that mix over the squash. I need to check the local farmer's market for more of the squash. It was so very good! The only reason this gets a 4.5 instead of a 5 is that the egg mix was a touch dry. 
Leftovers! Broccoli and chicken. I'm so glad I like to cook. The broc was a bit well done, but it was still good. The chicken was as good as it was yesterday. And the last of the peaches is now gone. Very sad! They were well worth the money. I can't afford to order from Harry and David's all the time, but it's nice once a year or so. I still have a few pears left. 
Breakfast, it's what's for dinner. Yup, fried leftover turnips. As good this time as the last time I tried it.

Reflections: A good food day. A tiny weight loss. A 20-point drop in fasting blood sugar. The cable is fixed. Richard got his goody from Tractor Supply. The dog showed an amazing amount of patience today while the cable guy was here. I finished an outfit I've been working on for a while and altered a shirt that was too big. It was a blouson style and as I told Richard, the puffy waist was doing me no favors and I don't has as much to hide. So, I took off the stretchy part and now have a straight hanging summer shirt.  I like days like today. Everyone should have more of them. 

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