Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 13

FBS 160, weight up 1/2 pound.

I think my grumpies are gone. I hope so. I know my headache is gone. Day 13 is almost halfway there. I'm not sure why I'm even counting; I'm pretty much W30 all the time, but during the 30 days, no honey or coconut crystals, or new potatoes. Oh yeah, no Greek yogurt either. Okay, that's why I'm counting.
How about steak for breakfast? Okay, why not? Add a shredded zucchini, a bit of onion, and a chopped up piece of pancetta, and you have a delicious plate. The peach is the next to last one in the box. It'll be odd not to have the peaches around. They've been wonderful. If I ate it whole, it would be dripping down my face for sure. I'll be off to get my hair cut and go to exercise in a few. I think I even feel like going. Wonder what has interfered with my good mood? 
Ah Maze Zing! I bought a patty pan squash at the farmer's market Saturday. I dipped it in egg and then sweet potato flour with some S&P, and quick fried them in ghee. They are better than zucchini and yellow squash and less seedy. I will absolutely buy these again. The chicken is a breast from Fresh Market, seasoned with Bavarian Seasoning from Penzey's and some paprika, onion salt, and garlic powder. Not overdone at all! My lunch was to die for. 
The best part of dinner is that I have left over turnips to make hash browns in the morning. I also have that half of a squash. I also have broccoli. Too many choices! 
Turkey breast with turnips. Nice dinner. Not spectacular, but good.  

Reflections: I think today went well. My husband offered me an orange jelly candy and I reminded him that I can't have one till the 27th. He oopsed and enjoyed his snack. It's all good. I have a couple of grumpy kids today, but I'm not a grumpy mom. I didn't even let the cable company upset me when they screwed up and didn't show up today. Such is life. It's not worth investing emotional stock. I have a kind of long night ahead, but I'll do fine. I have a peach with my name on it. I got my hair cut and went to exercise, and it's all good. Onward to day 14 tomorrow!

10 p.m.: I'm having a very hard time at the moment. There are snacks in the kitchen calling my name. I won't respond. I simply won't. But the conversation in my head goes something like this: "A few of his candies won't break a Whole30." or "Tom's lemon bars, maybe two of them, would be fine if I start right back on W30 afterward." Shades of the old me. The reality is that either of those two things would warrant me starting over again. I don't mind starting over or continuing on, but I do mind giving up and giving in. I'm better than that. 

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