Sunday, August 11, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 11

No BS meter yet. Weight up a half pound. Grumble :)

Green eggs and pork. Okay, it doesn't quite fit the story, but green eggs are good. I used 4 leaves of Kale. I wanted the veggies this morning. Magic Bullet made fast work of the kale with the 2 eggs and S&P I added. I popped the eggs into a pan which I had used for my husband's fried eggs (done in ghee) and voila, a lovely frittata. The bacon was purchased at the farmer's market yesterday. It was from Babes in the Woods and is not cured pork belly bacon. It was different from what I am used to. My husband liked it. It's what he grew up with, having been raised on a farm himself. It's not like any bacon I've had before, but it was okay. I think I'll try it again.
I had ordered peaches and pears recently and they came the other day. I've been having one peach a day as they ripen. Oh my. They are almost as good as the ones that my brother-in-law grew many moons ago. I had one a few minutes ago and I'm still enjoying it!

Leftover beef and broccoli. Perfect! 
Oh pork loin, you are so delicious. I had a half loin with pepper seasoning. They're soooo hot. I am not buying them any longer. I'll season my own, but this was really good. I cooked some turnip in the same pan in foil with the pork, and added a touch of ghee. I saved the other half to fry up for breakfast. Unsweetened applesauce, of course, to go with the pork. Nothing better.  

Reflections:  I had a pear and fruit twists tonight. I am not sure why I am so hungry tonight. Maybe there wasn't enough protein with dinner. I used ghee on the turnips, so there was plenty of fat. Was dinner too lean? I'll pay attention to that a bit more tomorrow. I guess that's it. I'm tired and ready for bed. 

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