Saturday, August 10, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 10

No FBS or weight today!

I got called away last night, but had a wonderful W30 dinner with my friend at her house. This morning, I went yard saling with her and munched on apple slices. She dropped me at the Farmer's Market in Richmond so I could meet up with my daughter for mom/daughter time. We left there after walking for a long time and picking up some fun foods - fresh sausage, bacon, and vegetables - and had breakfast at the Strawberry Street Cafe for a super compliant buffet. Then we walked to the Virginia Historical Society Museum, where we saw a quilt exhibit from Western Virginia and some Virginia historical stuff - Arthur Ash's statue mold and a bunch of music people. Here our a few pictures we took before walking over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts:
Selfie day is what Allison called this one! 
The original mold for the Arthur Ashe statue. 
And of course, the quilts. 

I got a fairly noncompliant snack on the drive home and decided to not allow it to stop my W30. For dinner, I cooked up one of the zucchini/yellow squash things I got at the farmer's market along with a burger and a bit of pancetta. I enjoyed one of the fresh peaches to go along with it. It was amazing (the peach). The dinner was okay, but not all that great:
The squash was great. I'm just not a big burger fan, but it was seasoned well.  

Reflections: I did let "lunch" get away from me. It was a convenience store grab and I made very poor choices. I jumped right back on the wagon when I got home and that's where I'm going to leave it. I gave consideration to starting with Day 1 all over again, but the reality is that I'm pretty much W30 all the time, not just on W30 days. When this current 30 is up, I'll keep it going with very few variations. I'm okay with my decision and plan on all sorts of 100% compliant days. I guess I'm human after all, huh? 

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