Thursday, August 1, 2013

Whole30-2, Day 1, Welcome to August!

FBS 267, Weight up 4 pounds
Welcome back Whole30. There are a lot of online folks doing Whole30 for August, and I'm one of them. After a dinner of grilled cheese sandwich and chips, and a super carby snack later, I'm ready. That stuff just doesn't sit well with me any longer. But my breakfast is pretty slamming and here it is. Compliant pancetta, avocado, and sauteed mushrooms and asparagus tips covered with fluffed up organic eggs and then flipped and folded. I'm getting to where I'd prefer avocado to ketchup with eggs lately. Both have a really nice complementary taste with the scrambles. 

I do have some personal goals with this Whole30, the first of which is to remain true to all concepts and food do's and don'ts. I'd like to work on a bit of weight loss, maintain my level of exercise, and continue to improve health indicators (i.e., blood sugar levels). I'm armed with the knowledge that I've done this once and pretty much know what to do, and have started Robb Wolf's book to bolster my knowledge of the science. 

So, to all my Whole30 compadres, let's do this!

I recently ordered some spices from Penseys and they sent me a sample of a Southwestern spice blend. It smells like taco mix, but there's no sugar or anything else not compliant with W30, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I checked my salsa and it was compliant too. 

I sauteed some chicken tenders in ghee with chopped asparagus tips and slices of zucchini. I added onion powder and the Southwestern spice blend, and cooked until the chicken was done and the veggies tender. On the side, I took the half avocado left over from breakfast, squished it with a fork, and added some salsa: 
The blend of flavors was a'fuckin'mazing. The salsa kicked up the avocado. The seasoning kicked up the chicken and vegetables. The whole meal was tasty and more than filling. My husband tells me I'm creative enough to make a life change like this possible. Maybe he's right!

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