Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whole20 - Day 2

FBS 163, weight back down 1.7

I really didn't feel like having breakfast at all, so I put together something almost acceptable. No vegetable, but it's a start! 

Linda and I went to the farmers market today and I picked up 3 patty pan squash, another eggplant, and some blackberries. After that, we went to a water aerobics class and home I came, hungry as can be.
I cut up one of those patty pan squashes and grabbed the left over chopped onion from last night, and put that in a pan with a small filet. It was really good, but I still wasn't really in the mood to eat.  
Dinner, on the other hand, fit the bill. I was definitely hungry. Haricot vert and chicken with broccoli was the menu for tonight. It was just what the doctor ordered.  

Reflections: The exercise class was meh, the farmers market was meh (though the company was good). It's been a pretty good day overall, and I'm soon to be done with this one. Another good day on the books. I cut up a watermelon so I'd have a decent snack tonight. I could overeat if I gave myself permission, but I won't. I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. 

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