Friday, August 16, 2013

Whole20 - Day 1

FBS 161, weight up 2 pounds

Let's take a look at that subject line - Whole20 - Day 1. Yup, I took a day off. I'm back in the saddle and planning to finish out the W30, but am calling it an honest W20. So, here goes!
Ugly, but amazing. I had one last squash from the farmers market, so I cut it up and sauteed it in ghee. I wanted to spunk it up some, so when it was almost done, I chopped up some prosciutto and let that cook a touch. I whirled two eggs in the Magic Bullet and poured that over the veggie/meat mix. It was one big blob of goodness. When I turned it, I saw that lovely brown and knew I had done good. It was quite delicious. I do believe I need to go to the farmers market this weekend and get more squash.  
I didn't do pictures or anything for the rest of the day. I went to exercise, came home and made a lunch that I can't remember, and had a burger with some fun sauce for dinner: 
I had an eggplant that I didn't know what to do with, so I cut it up with the spiral cutter, added some asparagus and onion, sauted that up, then added the W30 compliant sauce and a burger that I had cooked in another pan. It wasn't pretty, but it was mighty good. 

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