Sunday, August 18, 2013

Whole Whatever - Day 1 of forever

FBS 143

I'm not keeping track of days anymore. They're all going to be Whole30 or something really close to it. I still won't take days off except occasionally, but if I stray even with a smidgen of cheese, I have to start count all over again, so no more counting. A lot of paleo people do their own thing, and I think a smidgen of cheese is my own thing. Hate me or call the paleo police. I'm okay with it. Grains, most dairy, legumes and sugar are still out. I am not giving up the good fight. I'm in this to win this for my body, soul, and life.

I tried tomatoes again today. They are Campari from the store. I don't even have an itchy throat. I'll stick with these to be safe. I pan fried the pancetta and put the zucchini in the pan with that. When that was just about done, I put spinach and the 2 tomatoes in the Magic Bullet with 2 eggs, and whirled the heck out of them. When I took the pancetta out of the pan, I poured the egg mixture over the zucchini, and voila, a great breakfast. I will hold off on tomatoes for a couple days and try them again. I saw so many beautiful fresh tomatoes at the farmers market yesterday; I wanted to try them all! When I see Dr. H again, I'll talk to him about it. I'm sort of afraid to buy super fresh ones right now. For now, a wonderful breakfast with a good tomato taste to go with! 
Boring but good lunch.
I bought some turkey to make roll-ups. In retrospect, I would have preferred chicken, but there ya go. Lesson learned. I rolled up some cucumber slices. I think avocado would have made a nice addition, but I'm out! Horrors. If I ever pick up some goat cheese, I would add a little of that to give it a wee kick. (Uh oh, there's that cheese talk again! 
The blackberries are winding down for the season. They're not as sweet as prior baskets, but they were still good. I bought a tiny watermelon and cut it up to have on hand. Very flavorful!

Lunch was meh. I needed to eat or I would have skipped it. I just wasn't hungry today, but that portends overeating at night, and I will not have that. Wonder why you can't get watermelon in chocolate? :-) 
And just like that, dinner was better than expected. 
I tried something new with the meatloaf. I used dehydrated onions and an egg, as well as this combo whirled in the Magic Bullet - half a green pepper, 2 Campari tomatoes, and 4 cloves of garlic. I cooked parsnips in the same pan, but they didn't get tender, so I'll saute them for breakfast. The texture of the meatloaf was a little off, but the taste was spot on. I'm using up the last of the regular ketchup and will opt for organic next time. (OMG! I mentioned cheese AND ketchup today.) If I make meatloaf like this again, I will add a tomato sauce at the end to give it the extra kick. The broccoli is left over from a chicken and broccoli dish I made the other day. Overall, dinner was great and I feel well equipped to handle the long evening ahead. 

Reflections: I have mapped out my life plan as far as food goes. There are no more questions. I feel very confident that I can carry this out and am more than pleased that I've come to an agreement with myself. It's W30/paleo all the way, or more realistically, 95% of the time. About every 20 days, I want something off road and I have it. My mantra is "I control the food; the food does not control me." Mindful and selective eating are the key to my health and well-being. I bet those two are an integral part of everyone's life! Life's pretty good. 

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