Monday, August 26, 2013

Paleo without Facebook

FBS 154, Weight down 1/2-pound

I'm going Facebook-free for a day or so. I've had this stupid enabler feeling of late. I love my paleo group and keeping up with family and friends, but I'm so sick of everywhere I go on the internet being required to have a Facebook login to continue. Blech. AOL took down Prodigy and Compuserve, and now FB is taking down so many pieces here and there of the WWW. It just bugs me, so I'm taking a break. My drop in the integrity bucket won't mean a thing to Facebook, but I'll know :)
Spinach, oh spinach. Love you! Asparagus and eggs make for a lovely dish with spinach too. I had regular bacon this morning and a wonderful avocado. It wasn't a 5, but it was real close. Breakfast is still my favorite meal. It's also amazing how big 2 eggs look on the plate. Just add vegetables and boom! 

Ooops, the blog slipped away from me. Simple lunch today. Leftover chicken soup and a strawberry smoothie made with coconut milk:

Dinner was a wonderful chicken breast. I had a chocolate bar earlier, so didn't have stuff to go with the protein and fat. Argh. Moving on!

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