Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paleo, paleo, where for art though paleo?

FBS 171

Dang, I was on target yesterday and had a "screw it" moment and it all went up in smoke. My "have a few snacks while playing cards" might not work if it's going to lead to 24 hours of mayhem. My food dragons may be stronger than I thought. I need to process this and figure out why I get the don't care moments. Back on track today and planning a nice trip to the farmers market in Richmond, which will include good people, sunshine, and plenty of walking. I already preordered the bacon and now hope that the sausage guy is there and has what I want.
Oh happy day. My little Roma tomatoes don't bother me one iota, so I've been eating them as if they were going out of style, which they kind of are as the vines will give out eventually. They have a really nice taste. I cooked the pancetta, drained the grease (the dog loved it!), then cracked two eggs in the pan. I let them start to set and added the slices of tomatoes and S&P. I tried to flip it in one piece, but that didn't work, so I let it just finish cooking and made sure the tomatoes were not smushed, and it was delicious. I even put it on my quilt so I could take a decent picture. We'll call it Still Life on Paper Plate. Museums should eat that stuff up!

Lunch didn't happen. Don't ask.

I did have a fun experience at the farmers market. I got what I went for and then some. I bought some really dark wild mushrooms and split them with MegAnne, enough sausage to freeze nine 1/3-pound bags, some wonderful fresh bacon, patty pan squash!, kale, and some sweet potatoes. Allison and Judge went here and there, and MegAnne and I sort of shopped! Walking to the market, we passed a yard sale/giveaway and MegAnne scored an iron and tabletop ironing board. Free! Allison and Judge and I went to Whole Foods after. I got the usual, but got enough to not have to go back for a while. 

I cooked up some of the farm fresh bacon from the farmers market for Richard. I had pre-ordered, so I already knew what I was cooking for him for dinner. I had a couple pieces as it's totally uncured or flavored. I poured most of the grease out of the pan when it was done and pan fried the tilapia, which had been coated with crushed sweet potato chips. The side dish is leftover mashed cauliflower.  

Reflections: Today has been a marvelous day. Lunch mistakes excluded, of course. I got to know Judge a little better, had a fun time going to Allison's apartment and saying to Judge "Oh, you're here early" (I'm an evil mom!), and overall, just good people doing good things. Richard and the dog got along like champs, and Abbey provided some comedy when I got home. She went under the deck and got her basketball and carried it over to her new soccer ball! It was like she wanted them to meet. It was a totally intentional move on her part. She's amazing sometimes, that dog! 

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