Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My pancetta addiction

FBS 183, weight up exactly 1 pound
It's becoming almost an everyday thing, this pancetta thing. I gave my son one of the pieces I made this morning to let him try it, and he agrees; it is good! I will have to hit Whole Foods to get more. They're the only ones who carry the sugar-free, and apparently even that is regional. The WF in Charlotte didn't have it; they carried another brand. The veggie is a patty pan squash sliced thin and cooked with the pancetta. No onion this morning. I wanted to see how the squash was without it; it was marvelous. One of the peppery fried eggs yolks broke, so I have to do a 4.5 for this morning; otherwise, it would have been a 5 for sure. The squash was really good with the yolk. More please! (W30 compliant)
 I'm feeling like it's going to be a good day. I don't know why, but I'm okay with it. We had a long power outage last night, from about 8 p.m. till 2:44 a.m. The lights woke me up and the clock was right there, so I definitely know when it came back on! I made a couple of candle holders out of aluminum foil. My husband told me that I should earn a merit badge for that. This morning, I ordered candle holders. I have plenty of tea light holders, but none for the tapers. The MiFi gave up the ghost after less than an hour. I need to double check that. If the battery charge is not going to last, I need to take it back and shop around. When it works, it's amazing, but Verizon's product may not be the right one. Today is a pool day and I'm looking forward to it. 
Wow! Good stuff. I cut up a half chicken breast filet and wrapped the pieces with procscuittio, and then added onion and patty pan squash to the pan. I did need to add about a teaspoon of bacon grease to cook the onion/squash mix. I covered it after the chicken was browned on both sides, and cooked it until the squash was done. Mighty good, I say.  
Dinner gets a 5! I purchased fresh, uncured, preservative-free, and non-sugared sausage at the farmers market in Richmond (going back this weekend!), and tonight, I shaped it into patties using the burger press. 

With it, Richard had an egg, English muffin, and cheese with it and I had broccoli with a Roma tomato from the garden. Two things - the combination of the vegetables was delicious and the other thing is that I did not react in any way to the Roma! That makes two types of tomatoes I can eat. It must have been the super fresh acidity and histamine content of the sandwich tomato that got me. I had no reaction at all, no scratchy throat, no nothing. Yay! The sausage was delicious. I would love to buy a few more pounds and freeze it. The 2/3-pound portions I froze were just about right. I could cut it down even a little more. Richard only had one patty. They were relatively thin and I think that was perfect. Definitely a fine, fine dinner. 

Reflections: I had an odd encounter with a pool-mate today who had lost her car in the parking lot. It makes me grateful for every day that I wake up with a clear mind. I helped Tom bake tonight and it was fun to be the overseer. Not only that, Abbey has been a very grown up acting dog today. At one point this evening, the timer on Tom's iPhone went off. It's the same tone I use for my alarm clock. She looked up like, "is it time to get up?" I nap almost every day due to my stupid hours and she naps with me. She's been conditioned to think of that sound as time to go! It was pretty funny. Overall, it's been a really nice day with getting up refreshed, exercise, decent food, and wonderful people. 

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