Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's going to be a walking day!

FBS 159, weight up 0.8

I'm going to Busch Gardens today to ride roller coasters and I bet we walk several miles at the same time. I might turn on RunKeeper just to see! In anticipation of that, I wanted to frontload the day with good foods.
The leftover broccoli from last night was calling my name, so after draining the fat after the pancetta cooked, I tossed the broccoli until it was warm, sprinkled a little shredded cheese, and then added a couple eggs. You can see there was a lot more vegetable than egg! Broccoli is always good, but this isn't the best I've bought, so I have to give this a 4 thumbs up this morning. I think I'll leave the cheese out next time. It added nothing and took away from the pancetta taste that should have been in the pan. It totally weirds me out that when I do try cheese, it just doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm fine with that, but am still amazed that it's a truth in my life now. Maybe I'll use the shreds to make a crisp. Or maybe it will become dog food. We'll see! 
Budweiser Lite is not paleo, but it was hot, starting to rain, and that beer was mighty cold! Delicious. Robin and I, along with my daughter and her beau, went to Busch Gardens and rode roller coasters. There's a reason I don't have the rest of today's meals posted. Before we went on our outing, I had a cup of Greek yogurt and a banana, and then afterward, we all had a yogurt covered pretzel. I got some take-home crap (truffles!) and that was that. We had fun and we walked forever. Great memories. 

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