Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I yam what I yam or Spinach is good food!

FBS 149, weight down 1.2

Looks a lot like most breakfasts I have, huh? Well, it's not. I sauteed some patty pan squash and spinach with the pancetta this morning. The spinach wilted beautifully and the squash got just the right amount of tender. I put 2 eggs in the Magic Bullet with 2 Roma tomatoes, whipped that up, and poured it over the vegetable mixture when the pancetta was done and the pan drained. My goal was to let it set and turn it out, but, oh well, I ended up with a few pieces rather than one. The spinach made all the difference.  

I declare today SPINACH DAY! 

I'll figure out how to incorporate spinach into lunch and dinner too. I'm making meatballs for dinner. I wonder if I can sneak spinach into that. That would be amazing.

My BMI is 37.4. In order for it to be within normal limits, my weight 'should' be between 114 and 149. Also as of today, I've lost approximately 28% of my body weight from when I began in July 2011. 
I had some leftover coconut milk separated in the refrigerator and used some of that with some peaches and a touch of the peach juice. Excellent. I'll do this again. 
This is a really small plate. I did not eat a dinner plate's worth of steak and beans! I wasn't in the mood for eating today, so I made something delicious and quick. A small filet, French green beans, and some spices. Very nice. 

I probably ate a teaspoon or half a teaspoon of rice. Oh no! I made Richard some Rice-a-Roni and tasted it to see if it was done. I didn't eat those rice kernels you see on my plate. What I did eat was the mashed cauliflower. It was great. I used some coconut milk and ghee, and my hand blender to whip it up. It's the best I've made thus far. The meatballs were seasoned lightly and the applesauce was for fun. My husband pointed out that things like the mashed cauliflower are why I can keep doing this - he thinks I'm creative. He might be right. I guess I'm going to have to try cauliflower rice, huh?

Reflections: Some good foods today and lots of tired. I did get a nap, but for some reason, I went to bed too late and got up too early. Oh well. I'll sleep tonight! I got some sewing done and watched an episode of Dexter, so overall, it was a good day. Besides, Duck Dynasty is on tonight, so how can it be anything but good?

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