Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cauliflower rules and Paleo Magazine

FBS 166, weight down 1/2-pound

Leftover mashed cauliflower mixed with two eggs, then popped into the pan when the pancetta was done and excess grease poured out. I added some paprika after I took the picture just to give it a little kick. What a great breakfast. I think cauliflower should be crowned the new king of vegetables. Broccoli has held the title long enough. 

I dashed a note to Paleo Magazine last night about my concern that they possibly (and it's not just them) don't address non-CrossFit members of the paleo community. I got a super nice replay from the editor this morning. It's nice to know that they listen. I love my CrossFit friends, but I also love my pool friends, walker friends, runner friends, Zumba friends, weight lifting friends, home gym get the picture. My theory is this - Almost all CrossFit people are paleo yet not all paleo people are CrossFit people. Additionally, the internet is overflowing with information about Whole30 and paleo written by and experienced by vocal and successful CrossFit advocates. I think I've seen this in a skewed manner and started to take it personally. It's not personal. It's one of many ways to stay in shape and I am officially not feeling like a second class exercise citizen any longer. My problem. Not anyone else's. I just needed to figure it out by myself. And I did. I'm sure the editor thought I was a rambling fool when he read my email; it was a stream of consciousness thing. I'm glad we had the exchange.  

The bottom line is that no matter what exercise you get, whether it be going for a walk, blowing leaves, lifting weights, climbing trees, or whatever, it's a good thing. It makes me smile to see people who are obviously just getting started hop into the pool and start moving. I want to holler, "You go!"

Lunch was amazing. Patty pan and mushrooms, along with a filet. 

It was cards night and everything was derailed. I'm okay with that. I even bought a Diet Dr Pepper. Life happens! Back on the tight control train in the morning. 

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