Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whole30 II, Day 8

FBS 162, Weight down 0.6 pounds

I had a weird burning sensation in my throat last night that persists a little this morning. I think it's related to the acid in the tomato and blackberries (?), so will avoid raw tomato today. It's like I swallowed something wrong. It is not a sore throat and I am not sick. Interesting.
I decided to go a bit more bland this morning to give my throat a rest. I sauteed a cut up yellow squash I bought at the vegetable stand yesterday. Pancetta is too good not to eat, so yup, it was there too. The yellow squash is inherently sweet, so I decided to add a touch of super sharp cheddar to the eggs to balance it off. It was about a teaspoon of shredded from The Cheese Shop. 
 The eggs picked up the brown and almost crunchy yellow squash very nicely. 4 caveman thumbs up. No kale today. I'm going to drink a ton of water today and keep my throat cool and my body hydrated. I just so happen to have an appointment with Dr. Hoag tomorrow for my 3-month followup, so if the throat thing persists, I'll ask him to take a look.

Wowsers. I was busted by the cheese police when I posted my breakfast on FB. I know it's not W30 and I know I ate it. I'm "riding my own bicycle" and being 95% true to the W30 way. I'm strict, very strict, but I am also human and like cheese once in a while. It's one of the few things I was able to reintroduce after the first W30. By definition, my breakfast was not W30 approved. I'm moving on.
Lunch is 100% approved. Grass fed beef, hairy corvair (I don't know how to spell the fancy word for skinny green beans), mushrooms, and fire roasted yellow and red peppers, along with garlic and ghee. I cooked the steak just a tad too long, or I'd give it 5 caveman thumbs up. 
Well, they can't all be great, right? I decided to make a pumpkin recipe from a cookbook that I've been drooling over. I halved the recipe, which included almond flour, pumpkin, baking powder, spices, eggs, egg whites, coconut crystals, and a bit of coconut milk. It sounded good. Meh. I had leftover pork loin and some applesauce, and the pumpkin stuff was edible. Because the pumpkin things were not something I'd try again, I'm giving them 2 caveman thumbs up. I'd have been better off with some carrots or something like that. 

Reflections: I'm exhausted today for personal reasons. But I stuck it out and cooked, cleaned, and ate well. My 3-month doctor's appointment is tomorrow and I'm curious about my lab work. I did have that blasted cheese this morning, but I'm still fine with it. Another day tomorrow. 

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