Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whole30 II, Day 7

FBS 125, weight down 0.2 pounds (below pre trip to Texas weight in a week and a day)
Pancetta, and there will be pancetta until I'm out, mushrooms, and asparagus tips. 
Eggs whirled with kale and poured on the veggies as the pancetta drained on paper towels. I think I like breakfast most of all these days! 4.5 thumbs up for sure!
Cold plate time for lunch. Organic salami, tomato that I bought at the farm today (seasoned with S&P....too good to add anything else), apple, and cashew butter. The dog kept trying to eat my cashew butter! Overall, pretty damned good. 4 caveman thumbs up.
Oh my. Who's a good cook? ME! This is a pork loin with turnips (ghee melted some and I didn't use that whole blop), and a fresh tomato from the farmer today. I didn't picture the applesauce, but it's a given when I have pork. I think this was a 5 thumbs up for sure. I repeat - who's a good cook?

Reflections: A great eating day and a great day all around. I returned to exercise today, my dog scared off a snake, and I got a good nap. What more can one ask for? My plan to plan this week is working. Hopefully, there will not be wasted food this week and I won't be wondering "what's next?" That's the plan, Stan!

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