Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whole30 II, Day 4

FBS 149, weight steady

Yep, lost a day. Yesterday was a partial day off and I didn't photograph anything, but I'm right back here today continuing my W30 where I left off.
Today is my husband's day to sleep late, and it is also the day that I fix breakfast for both of us. I made a couple pieces of pancetta each, leftover fried potatoes for him, sauteed mushrooms and leftover cauliflower/broccoli for me, whipped up eggs in the Magic Bullet, poured mine over the veggies and made him eggs straight up. Mine was a lot like a fritatta. It was amazing. He made toast for himself and we sat down to enjoy. It is absolutely possible to make two similar, yet different, meals at the same time. 

I had a small bag of dried bananas/strawberries for snack and much later, had some lunch. 
I got cucumbers at the vegetable stand this morning, so decided to have half of one of those, the last of my organic apples, and some organic uncured salami. A nice cold plate for a hot/humid day. 

I picked up a couple of paleo cookbooks at the library that were being held for me. The person that checked me out said she had just returned one of the two. She proceeded to tell me that she was on a strange sort of paleo diet called Whole30. She said she tried it and got a ways into it and stopped, that she wanted to give it another go. It's interesting because yesterday, at the doctor's office, I talked to another patient about Whole30; she had just seen Dr. Hoag and he recommended it to her. As the woman at the library and I were talking, I said, "You must see Dr. Hoag." She was surprised that I knew that, but yup, he's her doctor too.  
Dinner was not a raging success. I bought a beautiful tomato today and thought I'd coat it with coconut flour and some seasoning, finished with olive oil and baked. ICK! Even my dog wouldn't eat it. As my husband said, "you can't win them all." He is 100% correct. Coconut flour does not go with tomatoes. The leftover chicken/vegetable stew was great. I froze the remainder. I've had it three times since I made it and need a rest. 

I have a small can of coconut milk chilling and some fresh blackberries. I'm going to try to make a bit of fluff later.

Reflections: Taking a day off is okay, but it was not fun going to bed last night with an icky tummy. I really need to balance the day off theory. I read about people going 80/20 paleo and I don't get it. It's been a good day other than my tomato debacle. 

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