Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whole30 II, Day 1

FBS 266! Oh my. Can you feel that number? That's what almost a week of indiscretion with the trip out of town. I will make no excuses. I am starting a Whole30 today and shopped thusly when I drove home from Charlotte, NC to Williamsburg, VA yesterday.
Yay for delicious food. Eggs, clover sprouts, and sauteed asparagus. So glad to be eating real food again.

Guess what my super choice of indiscretion was for 6 days? KIT KAT! Jeesh.

And then there was lunch. A nice small filet (smaller plate than usual!), some sauteed fire roasted peppers and a few mushrooms. Here's hoping my tummy is less angry tomorrow. 
I totally don't have my cooking game on yet. I burned my husband's waffle fries in the toaster oven, almost burned his burgers, and you can see my pile of mushrooms above look pretty pitiful. They were good though! I also had chicken with garlic sausage and some sweet potato mash. It was a light sweet potato that I cooked in apple juice, adding some spices and a bit of coconut milk and coconut crystals. It sucked, but it was edible. I will buy regular sweet potatoes next time. I didn't like this one at all. I have some cherries for a small snack later. 

Reflections: So, I didn't do well while traveling. Now I know. I need to be more prepared. My weight and blood sugar show the damage. I have 29 days of disciplined Whole30 to go, and I am looking forward to the control within the boundaries. My travel fatigue should be minimal tomorrow and I have a chicken dish planned for the crockpot - thighs, veggies, etc. Should be amazing and it'll last me a few days. Onward!

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