Monday, July 22, 2013

Post W30 Paleo - Let's make this thing happen

FBS 177, weight down 0.5 pound.

Regular bacon again since I'm not doing W30. I'll save the sugar free pancetta for my next W30 week. I had some asparagus and sauteed the tips in the pan as the bacon sizzled. Then I filled the large Magic Bullet cup with kale and two eggs, seasoned with S&P, and turned that into an amazing egg dish, which I cooked in the bacon pan after that was done and while it was draining. A breakfast worth repeating. 
Light lunch today. I'm going out to dinner tonight. I have a plan, but wanted to make sure I'm ready in all ways.
Greek yogurt and cut up 1/2-banana. Yes, I have Greek yogurt once in a while, maybe once or twice a week. I'm okay with it being part of my lifelong journey. 

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