Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paleo brunch and shopping for good food

It may look like blech to you, but it was amazing. Egg salad. I found some mayonnaise at Whole Foods that was pretty compliant (the jury is out on canola oil) and added it and some other stuff to the hard boiled eggs. I had a small bowl of watermelon to go with. I was starving and that made it even more delicious. 

I drove to Richmond to Whole Foods this morning to spend my gift card and then some. I bought W30 foods. I think I'm going full tilt on August 1 with the W30 Springfield people. The whole 30 days. Why the heck not? 

I started a c rock pot yesterday, but it wasn't quite ready, so I added brussel sprouts to it today and let it cook on low for a bunch of hours. Parsnips for me, potatoes for Richard, carrots, onions, organic beef broth, and some garlic/onion powder made it really good. The parsnips were a bit woody and the sprouts a bit flowery tasting, but overall, it was a good dinner. A small bowl of pineapple to go with and a few pistachios later, and I'm done for the day.

Reflections: My birthday bled into last night's overeating binge. Yes, I'd have to call it a binge. There is no accounting for the why no matter when this happens. I did not like the way I felt overnight, nor did I like the way I felt today for the first half of the day. I have closed yesterday's chapter. If I process it to death, I'll perseverate and I do not want that to happen. What I also am avoiding is thinking that "oh well, I did this, may as well keep doing it." That's the counterproductive me. At this point in my life, I'm way beyond that. My new way of thinking is "I did this. I admit it. I declare it. I process it. I move on." I believe I mentioned to someone on Facebook the other day that it was okay if they followed this credo, "If you're not hurt, brush off the dirt." I utilized that in raising my children and will follow that advice myself. I'm not hurt. I have brushed off the dirt. I'm now running and playing in the playground with wild abandon. If I fall again, I am more equipped to deal with it. A couple of knee scrapes does not a failure make. 

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