Saturday, July 27, 2013

Intermittent relapse into food insanity

I posted this on the Post 30 Paleo on Facebook. It's worth repeating here so I can review it when needed.

Wowsers. I totally went off the rails yesterday. It was like the old me crawled into my brain and took over. I really don't want that to happen again. The why involves having crap in the house. Even though I had put it all in the freezer, it tasted frozen. I allowed an old demon to overrule the new strong person that I have become. Lesson learned is that I have to be so much more aware and cognizant of the fact that the old me still lives. I'm very sad about this, but am not going to allow it to change my efforts. In fact, it most likely will make me redouble my efforts. It also tells me that I'm frickin human and foibles still exist. Was it worth it? No. Was it worth it on my birthday? Yes. But, if the intentional derailing led to the unintentional, almost rote derailing, then it wasn't worth it either day. I think I am personally done processing this, but I, in the process, needed to declare it and make it see the light of day rather than hovering under my consciousness to possibly re-emerge again. Whew. That was a tough post to write.

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