Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm an egg frying fool! (W30 compliant)

FBS 202, weight, well below the FBS reading :)
Frying eggs has never been my forte, but for some reason, it is now. And my, my, are they some kind of good. I cooked the compliant pancetta slowly in a pan with the asparagus, added a small amount of ghee, finished off the asparagus, and then put the eggs in the pan on medium heat. A heavy hand of pepper and a light hand of salt, and they were great. The avocado eliminates the need for ketchup with my eggs, a life-long habit, so that makes the meal 100% compliant.  
I've reached a weight goal too. I'm below 230. I'm aiming for 160-180, and I will make it. I'll be heading to the pool this afternoon and am looking forward to the movement. My blood sugar is happier too. W30, where have you been all my life? 
Pretty meh lunch. Pineapple and chicken mixed into heavy cream whipped with vanilla powder and a touch of coconut crystals. It was okay, but not a 5 at all. I am gearing up for a Whole30 which begins on August 1, so I want to use up the cream and not 100% compliant meats in the frig. Ergo, this weird blend of stuff for lunch. It could be worse. It could be full of grains! 
Nice leftovers from last night, at least the beef. I ditched the veggies I had cooked with it because they weren't up to snuff. I added a can of carrots (yum!) and simmered these two things in the strained broth. It was better the second time around, as often happens with pot roast.  
I had a good workout at the pool. I was pretty derned hungry when I got home!

Reflections: I reached a huge milestone today with weight. 80 fatass pounds are gone, 25 of which are since beginning my first Whole30. I felt good at the pool and pumped up my workout during the hour. As I told my sister, "I'm a fucking ballerina in the water!" It's what I know and it's what I always go back to. 

I have the Thursday and Friday bad behavior behind me and am fast approaching the second W30, which starts August 1. Life is good.

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