Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eating what I have on hand

FBS 145, weight up 0.4

It's definitely not crisis time, but I'm waiting for payday, so it's creative cooking time! That can be a good thing or a weird thing. Let's hope it's a good thing. I do plan on days like this. I'll check out the frig, freezer, and cabinet and map out in my head what comes next. Today, it should be interesting. So here goes!
Breakfast was indeed creative. I had saved a few of last night's meatballs for my husband, but oh well; they spoke to me this morning instead. I put them in a pan and chopped them up with the flipper. Hmm, what should I eat with that? I had two eggs left and some kale, so I packed the Magic Bullet full, added the eggs and a touch of S&P, and whirled it until the kale was incorporated and the eggs were fluffy. Let's see what's in the veggie drawer - an avocado! I cut it in half and cubed the fruit, and voila, a wonderful scramble with avocado on the side. W30 compilant and tasty. One note, though; I used coconut flour in the meatballs. I will not do that again. They had a whacky texture. I'd rather have no binder than a gross one, though this wasn't gross enough to not eat it!
No picture for lunch/snack. I ate it way too fast. That's how groovy it was. Coconut cream with a teaspoon of raw honey, apple pie spice, all whipped into a delicious fluff. I added peaches that I cut up into tiny pieces. If it hadn't been so great, I might have frozen it about halfway, but noooo...I ate it in record time. So much for changing my relationship with food, huh? 
I bought free range organic boneless chicken breasts recently and froze them in individual portions. This is one of those sauteed in ghee along with the carrots and seasoning. I gotta say, it was a mite bit tasty. I went heavy on the paprika, just the way I like it. I cut up the remainder of the breakfast avocado and had a bite of that with each bite of chicken. This was real close to a 5 thumbs up meal, real close. The first time I cooked a piece of this chicken, I didn't think it was all that different or better than regular store-bought Perdue chicken. I've changed my opinion. It's much better. I do buy chicken breasts at The Fresh Market and wouldn't buy them anywhere else. Their tenders aren't anything special to me. I'll have to check the brand of the boneless breasts next time I go by Harris Teeter. They're worth buying again. And god knows why I love me some canned carrots, but I do. A lot. I might want to marry them.

I called my sister to ask her how she cooks her Brussels sprouts and then I tried to make them. The only change I made was to cut them in half. I sauteed them in bacon grease, added garlic and onion powder along with some pepper (she said to use fresh garlic), and then covered the pan for 10-15 minutes. They were mighty good. I broiled shrimp with Old Bay and other seasoning, along with a bit of ghee and bacon grease that I had melted together, and put them on foil on a pan and broiled till they started to brown. Oh yeah, I put on parsley for good measure. As my other sister likes to ask, "Who's a good cook?" Tonight, the answer is ME! 

Reflections: An excellent food day. I made copies of a few recipes from some library cookbooks and will be trying a few more new things. One is a sweet potato casserole and I want to try that one ASAP. I haven't had Brussels sprouts I like since I was a kid (cept for the ones my sister made and I tried one time). I'm glad they turned out well. Another bit of ammo in my arsenal! Now to get the sweet potato thing going. I absolutely HAVE to find something made with them that I like. 

Today is the last day of my 57th year, or as my older sister said, "happy labor pains day." I bought some pistachio muffins for breakfast. Yup. Muffins. Not paleo. It pays to be as close to W30 as possible when one wants to take a cheat day. They become guilt-free. And for me, guilt was a big problem when it came to foods. I'm so past that. Thank you W30!

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