Friday, July 26, 2013

Debauchery be gone! Whole7 Day 1

FBS 225

Lordamercy, birthdays are hard on a girl. Self-inflicted. No mercy. Today's my 'get back on the frickin bicycle' day and roll on. Breakfast was wonderfully on target.
Amazing Whole30 compliant pancetta, amazing asparagus tips, and amazing fried eggs with extra pepper. Eggs are just so derned good with pepper. I'm pleasantly full and my taste buds are happy. I'm ready to go to exercise class!

I wasn't very hungry at lunch, so rather than go with nothing, I had a banana with cashew butter and some Greek yogurt. I know the yogurt is not W30, but I do allow it on my paleo after W30. I think my innards are still not happy with me from yesterday. Exercise class was fine, but I'm tired today. Thankfully, I have an early night ahead of me and will end up going to bed early. Pot roast is in the crock pot with carrots, parsnips, and onions. I tossed in some potatoes for Richard. 

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