Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yesterday & today, Days 4 and 5 of Whole7

Forgot all about blogging yesterday! I made a banana thing at one point during the day - dead banana, some vanilla, a touch of raw honey, 2 eggs, and a couple tablespoons of sweet potato flour along with apple pie spice. I cooked that in my GTXpress and had it for lunch. I had the same thing for lunch today as I had another dead banana. We'll not call it cake or muffin, but a banana thing. It was pretty good and a great way to use up a banana that I would otherwise throw away.
Lunch yesterday was some amazing chicken with coconut aminos, zucchini, and bacon. It was just plain good.
Lunch today was a tenderloin filet along with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Always good. A great go-to meal because I buy the filets, cut them to size, and freeze them ahead of time.
I went out to dinner with my daughter after a trip to Whole Foods this evening. We went to Kona Grill near Richmond. The server was great and helped me figure out what to order. Their sea bass came with a rice dish, but I was able to substitute asparagus. The ratatouille was okay, but I'm still not sure I like it a lot. The peppers were a little hot; I've had it before with red peppers, but not the spicy ones. The sea bass was to die for and the asparagus were mighty good. After dinner, we walked about a mile, and now I'm home.

My blood sugar has behaved today, pretty much. It was 153 two hours after dinner and that's pretty great for me. 

Reflections: This has been one of the busiest days in a very long time for me - up at 6, work 7-8, to the vet at 8, work 9-11, to the derm, back to work 1-2, quick 45 minute nap, work 3-4, drive to Richmond in a huge storm, and then the above outing with Allison. And I feel amazing. Thanks to the new way of eating and exercise, I can do these things again. Overall, it has been a great day. I hope to have many more like it. 

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