Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WholeDonna continues - heck with a day count!

FBS 147
I had it in my head to make egg muffins again this morning, but decided against it. I put a couple of slices of bacon (cut in half) in a small pan with onions, peppers, and mushrooms, and let that cook down. Then I drained the excess fat after the bacon was done. The veggies were the perfect amount of doneness at the same time. 
While cooking the vegetables, I pulverized two small tomatoes in the Magic Bullet and let that sit until the eggs were added, scrambled, cheese added (dairy reintro), and all was put on the plate. The tomatoes were the perfect topping. I was going to have avocado, but am saving that for lunch or dinner based on the amount of fat already in the dish. 

I am no longer adding a day count because it doesn't matter. Every day is going to be a Whole30 day with reintroduction or without it. My dairy reintroduction week is over on Friday, and then it's back to pure Whole30 again. So far, so good, but it's not that big a deal. If I have it, okay. If I don't, that's okay too. I had three small servings yesterday (2% cottage cheese, lite shredded cheese on eggs, and the ice cream out of an ice cream sandwich), and my BS and weight are fine. I don't see the puffy returning in my face and all systems seem to be go. 

I had my first low blood sugar (69) before lunch/after exercise today. That hasn't happened since I went to FL with Robin. Lunch was a little higher in carbs as a result. I had leftover chicken/vegetable soup, Greek yogurt and some strawberries, and the ice cream out of an ice cream sandwich. That's three dairy servings today, so I won't have one later. I'll discontinue the Amaryl today per Dr. H's instructions. The Januvia won't cause lows, but will keep things stable as far as blood sugar is concerned. Lows are no fun. Nope, not at all.

There's good news and bad news with dinner. I cut up a cantaloupe anticipating that I'd have it with the chorizo. It tasted icky. I had to ditch it. And then there is the chorizo. OMG. I had no clue it was so hot!
Totally compliant, but hot as hades. I may try it with eggs as they should temper the heat. Made me want to spit fire.  
I started them and some asparagus, then covered them and turned it down while the asparagus cooked. It should have been good, right? Well, the asparagus was very good. I only ate 2 of the halves of sausage that I cooked. 
I've made this before so I thought I'd try it again as I'd really like to enjoy sweet potatoes. A half sweet potato cubed and cooked in a small amount of water with a half apple cubed and some apple pie spice. I added raw honey at the end, but I'll leave that out next time. It didn't add a thing. 

So, dinner wasn't all that great, but it was filling. I had a few strawberries after to make me feel like I had at least one thing that was delicious. I'll try egg muffins in the morning with some sausage that was leftover from Richard's dinner. As for the chorizo, if I hadn't tried it, I'd never know, right? If I had some plain Greek yogurt to cool it off, it might have been more palatable. Live and learn!

Someone called me skinny today at class. I need to not get too comfortable with compliments. I know she meant well, but sometimes, I take a compliment and turn it into an excuse/allowance to eat. No more, though.

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