Sunday, June 9, 2013

Slacking - Empathy - Gimme back my spirit! Day 1 of Whole7 Redo

I flubbed up last night and so start my week of Whole7 over today.

This morning, though, I'm just not into it. Nothing tastes good. I could care less about cooking. And I'm overwhelmed with blech.

FBS 148

Breakfast was sausage/zucchini/egg muffins. They were very good, but I would have preferred something super sugary, gross, and forbidden. Not good.

2 hours PP BS 131

A good number for after a meal.

Lunch was to be last night's leftovers, but once I warmed it up, it was pretty icky. The taste just wasn't there. So, I had some pineapple, leftover egg muffins, and a Lara Bar.

I might have to do a hardassed Whole30 to get myself in check.

Here we go with day 1!

My spirit did return. My mojo is back. I think I was reacting to environment, food, and boredom in general today. This will not do. Ice cream sandwiches are not worth it. After Whole30, if I want an ice cream, my husband and I will just plain old go out and make an event out of it, walking while we enjoy it. I won't have a box of them in my freezer again. And so, the day turned itself around late this afternoon and I'm not going back.

Steak along with a saute of broccoli, mushrooms, and onions. Mighty good.

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