Sunday, June 30, 2013

Post Day Off - was it worth it?

FBS 169, weight up 2 pounds

I woke up with a very full throat. I feel like I'm one of those reflux people. The tally for yesterday's day off folly:

2 donuts
8 mini peppermint patties
The end of the whipped cream
pot roast with new potatoes, including corn and limas
small bag of M&Ms
Nutty Buddy
Cheese and crackers
2 small bags of trail mix

The damage - gained 2 pounds and feel like crap this morning, part of which can be attributed to going to bed at midnight and getting up at 6. Blood sugar 169 this morning. I also have allergy face (snuffles, needing to sneeze, etc.). Back to reality today. I'm thinking it wasn't worth it. That does not mean I will be perfect from here forward; I'm a realist. I'm sure I will sway from the norm from time to time, but yesterday is no longer the norm. It sure once was. Onward!
Ahhhh.... 2 eggs, a half zucchini shredded and pan browned in the pancetta fat and a bit of ghee, and pancetta that is W30 compliant. Yes, I use ketchup now. Shoot me. If I do a solid Whole30, I'll put it to the side, but it's a part of my egg dishes for my whole life otherwise!

Lunch was pineapple and salami. Simple.

Dinner was leftover veggies from the pot roast last night and W30 compliant meatballs made with grass fed ground beef, spices, an egg, and some sweet potato flour. Delicious. I had a banana too!

I got up off my lazy lardass and went to the pool today. I walked/swam for 45 minutes and it felt so right. It was too humid to do my walking at the hospital, but I need to do that to prep for the 6K in December.

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