Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let there be layered egg thingies!

Breakfast is my big buggaboo...what to make? How to get extra protein? Am I really living without toast? Yes, I am. Haven't had bread since May 1. And 99% of the time, I don't miss it. If I had to say what bread items I miss most it would be garlic bread (and all its variations, including bruscetta) and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I used to love a good salt bagel, but only had them in Phoenix when I visited, and then I only ate one. Maybe I'll have a half of one again someday.

Today's breakfast was delicious. I may have found me "what to make" when I don't feel like making anything.
I sauteed a chopped zucchini in clarified butter. I love the way it browns up. Then I did layering a la my first muffin attempt.  I did use cheese (not Whole30!) but not on top. I put a little between the veggie and egg layers. I also used 3 eggs this time instead of 2, and it made all the difference. So, my layers today were: 2 pieces of leftover sausage ground up in the Magic Bullet, zucchini, sharp cheddar shreds, eggs. (Leave out the cheese for Whole30.) This filled 5 muffins about 3/4 of the way. They puff up some with baking. I baked them at 400° for about 15 minutes in the toaster oven. I love my small muffin tin. It keeps me from having to heat up the kitchen with the regular oven. Again, they were great. I can see this being used with leftover meatloaf or any meat, to tell the truth. I will absolutely make these more than once. 

2 hour PP BS 135

Snack was the ice cream out of an ice cream sandwich (dairy #2 for the day), a banana cut up, and crumbled freeze dried organic raspberries. Made for a nice little sundae of sorts. 

Just had a real ice cream sandwich. I will not buy these again. First fuckup. I will beat myself silly and not do this again. I can't believe I did it. Was it worth it? No. No. and No again.

Lunch was back on track and wonderful. First I sauteed fire roasted red peppers, onion, and mushrooms in clarified butter.  
While the veggies were cooking, I cut up a half avocado. 
When the veggies were almost done, I tossed in a filet and cooked it just beyond moo status. The veggies were a tasty blend and the avocado was a perfect pairing with the steak. 

I have forgiven myself my indiscretion and am moving on with my good habits. If I have another trip-up, I'll restart Whole30 and be done with it. Next challenge will be going out to lunch with old friends on Friday. I got this, though. I checked the menu of the restaurant and they have some great choices. 

Dinner was tilapia with Trader Joe's veggie chips as a coating, pan fried in light olive oil, and cucumbers. I finished it off with a banana and I'm done for the day.

Reflections: I simply decided that I was going to eat an ice cream sandwich and I did. I can't say I'll never do that again, but I have no intentions of doing it again. Kicking it into high gear!

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