Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last day of dairy re-intro

FBS 171

This is the last of 7 days of dairy reintroduction. I don't see any ill effects, but I'm not a huge dairy person anyway. I'll have cheese occasionally and maybe Greek yogurt. Other than that, I'm good with what I've been eating. Next week with be Whole30 again.
I bet your breakfast wasn't as good as mine. Eggs, zucchini, shredded cheese, and bacon. I cooked the zucchini in the same pan with the bacon. Both were just fine. 

I discovered Lara Bars today. I've heard of them, but never had one before. I got cherry and lemon. I had a cherry one after the pool, along with some apple juice because my BS was a little low and I didn't want it to plummet while I was shopping. I stocked up on some healthy items - filets, chicken, organic maple syrup, organic cashew butter, fruit leather (100% fruit), a couple of baby food fruits to have with sweet potatoes, and some almond milk without caraneegan added. Avocados, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries (2 for 1!) and pineapple rounded it out.

Lunch was one-third of one of the filets. I cooked that with mushrooms. While that was cooking, I cut up the rest of the filets into three thicknesses each. They were on sale, so I got four. They made for small steaks, but they'll work fine for breakfast or lunch. Since today is the last dairy day, I had some organic fat free yogurt and of course, my glass of water. 

Dinner was a half-slice of ham, a half sweet potato cooked with a half apple and seasoned with a teaspoon of organic maple syrup, and green beans. I cooked the green beans with the ham and they took on a nice flavor that was reminiscent of fresh ones cooked the old country way with a chunk of pork fat. I had the ice cream and one wafer of an ice cream sandwich. And with that, I'm done with the day and back to Whole30 tomorrow for a week.

Reflections: I don't think dairy is a problem for me. I've had a bit of this and that all week. My conclusion with dairy is that I'll have it once in a while. I ate a variety of things - ice cream, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, and yogurt. None of them upset the apple cart, but they also didn't enhance my life much. I think the final thought on dairy is that I could take it or leave it, and I'll probably have it once in a while and not worry about it. 

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