Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Re-Introing beans, again, day 3 of WholeDonna for this week

Breakfast - what the heck did I have? Oh yeah, egg muffins layered with salami, leftover zucchini/onion/tomato from last night, and eggs with kale pulverized in the mix. It was an exercise day, and I was pretty famished, but I wanted to try to keep things on track.
I tried my hand at sea bass and haricot vert. I found them frozen at The Fresh Market. I sauteed the beans with a few chopped onions in butter, then added the sea bass and some seasoning with a heavy hand of pepper. I think I cooked the fish just a touch too long, but it was good. It was not as good as the sea bass I had at Kona Grill, but they're pros and this is my first time! I finished up with a bowl of watermelon and pineapple.

Food Lion had some beautiful stir fry beef available the other day, so again, I sauteed onions and then tossed in the beef strips. The carrots are canned; I absolutely love canned or cooked carrots of any kind. Dinner was finished off with a banana.

Reflections: I've had a hankering for snacks tonight and have succumbed to 2 packages of trail mix thus far. I need that stuff to be gone from the house. I think in terms of compliance, I'm so much better in tune with myself when I stick with Whole30 and don't have as many gray area choices. I need to continue to consider this. 

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