Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 7 of legumes - doubt I'll do this again

FBS 201
Down a pound.
Pretty good stuff this morning. Eggs whipped with spinach and a couple small tomatoes, leftover carrots, and a bit of bacon. (The dog got the extra bacon.) No beans!

Lunch was wrong on a couple of levels, but okay for the reintroduction I am completing today. I have had a couple of Spam singles (don't judge; I love me some Spam) waiting for me to cave in. I read the ingredients and it does have sugar and nitrates, but other than that, was okay. The lima beans are the last of the legumes for the reintroduction. And the pineapple was just plain delicious. 

I made chili for dinner using onions, ground beef, ground pork, Tabasco chili starter, tomato sauce, and a can of kidney beans. I had paleo bread toast (blech). I later treated myself to a small bag of plain M&Ms. 

Reflections: The beans were good, but they were not worth the week of high blood sugars. I'll add them to the "eat rarely if ever" list. I think reintroduction is a must for someone like me. I now know that beans don't work for me and that dairy is okay in small doses. The next seven days will be clean and I'll be glad to have the high blood sugars dissipate. 

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