Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 5 of Re-Intro of beans/legumes - doubt I'll keep eating them

FBS 197. It's official, the trail mix is a problem. I wonder if it's the peanuts. Regardless, my BS has been rising slowly since reintroducing beans. I also had hummus last night. Tomorrow is the last legume day. The numbers will tell the tale.

I had a dentist appointment this morning and got a surprise filling fixed. That meant numbing medication, which gives me the shakes. I had a banana when I came home and then made breakfast after a while.
I did something a little different with my egg cups. I used leftover sausage for layer one, then some steamed haricot vert. Last, I added eggs that had been whirled with kale (sadly, the kale is gone!), and topped it with paprika before baking. It's amazing what 2 pieces of sausage, about a half-cup of beans, 2 eggs, and 1 leaf of curly kale will stretch. And it's good!

Lunch was a banana with cashew butter, and by golly, I can't remember what else. I did have some pineapple and strawberries with yogurt in there somewhere. Now you know why I take pictures!

I've been wanting to try sweet potato fries, so I did. I cut the potato, tossed it in a Ziplock bag with olive oil, Old Bay, and garlic salt. I baked them for about 35 minutes at 350°. They were good and the taste was just right, but there was too much oil. I'll use my olive oil spritzer next time, and there will be a next time. We had steak and I couldn't cook a steak without adding mushrooms! 

Reflections: A pretty good day. I was jonesing for chocolate and ended up having trail mix again. There are about 10 M&Ms in each bag. Who am I fooling? I eat it because of the Ms. Obviously, chocolate is a danger food for me! 

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