Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 4 of WholeDonna - Let there be repentance

FBS 182

Okay, today is a recovery day. I had paleo toast and honey, as well as trail mix last night. Too much stuff. Bad habit to pick up, so it needs to be dropped like a hot sweet potato. I'm human. The great equalizer is that humanity.
Zucchini is my best friend. It was a vegetable party - zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and leftover carrots, all sauteed in ghee. I tossed in a couple of eggs after the veggies were just about right. Garlic powder made a nice flavor layer to tie it all together. Breakfast is now over. You may move about the cabin.

I had a bag of trail mix midday. It's almost gone!

Lunch was interesting and it was quite late.  
In my quest to like sweet potatoes, I tried something different. I baked a sweet potato, cooled it, then took the flesh and mixed it with an egg, coconut, pecans, coconut sweetener, and pumpkin pie spice. I fried the stuff up in coconut oil.
I'm paleo-ing this week, so I put a little raw honey on the plate with some apple slices, and called it a meal. 
I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so I had snow peas, hummus (beans week), organic Genoa salami and turkey rolls, and a big old glass of water. 

Reflections: I think dairy is out. I had yogurt yesterday and was on the edge all day. This happened the last time I had dairy twice in a day - I just get antsy and almost grumpy. I'd rather not be like that, so pfft on dairy. Beans don't seem to be a problem, but if they're truly inflammatory, I'll keep them to a minimum. I really enjoyed having a sweet potato today. I have three more and want to try some baked sweet potato sticks/fries. I've seen several suggestions for flavor, both savory and sweet. I'm thinking Old Bay might work well. 

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