Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 2 WholeDonna Don't let them eat cake!

No more birthday cake for me. Oh heck no. The headache wasn't worth it. I scraped off all the icing and let the dog have the cake this morning.

Breakfast was a lovely meals. 1-1/2 strips of bacon, scrambled eggs with a bit of shredded cheese, and a side of mashed zucchini and tomato that I cooked while the rest of it was on the stove in separate pans. Richard had toast. I chose not to. I'm not all that interested in bread right now.

Lunch was simple. Pineapple, salami, and a few pistachios.

Very close to Whole30 indeed.

No photo again, but dinner was a filet, turnips smashed and buttered, and onions/mushrooms cooked with the steak. Continuing the reintroduction of dairy, I had a half-cup of vanilla ice cream with dinner.

Reflections: So far, no ill effects of the dairy. I'll do this for a week and take it from there. We went to the Farmer's Market at Merchants Square today. I picked up my raw local honey, but that was all I was interested in. I did learn that Off The Vine is on Lightfoot Rd and they sell local produce, meats, and organics too.  The turnips I had tonight were full grown. When compared with the baby turnips I had last week, I'll take those baby ones any day. The full grown ones were great, but not even close to the baby ones. I also decided not to go back to Whole Foods. I can get 90% of what I need right here in town; what I can't buy locally, I can order on line. 

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