Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 2 of Whole7

FBS 188 - I don't understand
Bacon and avocado, getting ready to be served up with:  
Leftover mash of cauliflower and fire roasted red peppers mixed with 2 eggs and some pepper. Fried up in two blobs that were kind of weird looking, but ever so delicious. I stepped outside my comfort zone with the peppers, but they turned out to be a perfect complement to the other two ingredients. 

Lunch was simple - coconut milk and strawberries, turkey, and some almonds dusted with cocoa. I tried to whip the coconut milk to make a topping for the strawberries, but it never fluffed. So, a quick whip in the Magic Bullet and it was like a cold soup. I'll triple up on veggies for dinner. 

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