Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 2 of redo Whole30

FBS 172, no apparent reason.

Attitude is much better and I'm feeling like me again.
Breakfast was great. Steak, mushrooms, 2 eggs. I added the eggs after the steak and mushrooms were sauteed, and added salt and pepper.  
Since I still haven't figured out a good ketchup recipe, I am using pulverized tomatoes. And they're still delicious. 
Of course, any dish is better with avocado!

I ran errands and took my BS when I got home. It was 147. Let's hope it goes back down. I'd like to stay off the Amaryl. 
I had some leftover turkey, so rolled it up. It's not 100% compliant, but its now gone. I'll look at Whole Foods for some compliant turkey. It's so good by itself. If I can't find any, I'll cook up a turkey breast and slice my own. To round out my cold plate, I cut up a half apple, some celery, and put a bit of cashew butter on the celery. I really need some better celery! 

Zucchini and mushrooms sauteed in clarified butter.  
Sauce with meatballs (free range, grass fed ground beef; onion powder; dried green peppers; one egg; celery salt) on the sauteed veggies. 
My favorite marinara sauce just happens to be compliant!

Reflections: Much better day in terms of how I feel and attitude. 

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