Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 1, Whole7 post legume reintroduction

I forgot to take my blood sugar this morning, but I expect it was high as I did have beans with dinner last night. Beans are not my friend. Blood sugar rose every day I ate them. I guess they're either out or minimized forever.
This morning's breakfast was great. I shredded a zucchini and cooked it with the bacon. After I drained off all the grease, I tossed in a couple eggs which had been pulverized with two small tomatoes. The two veggies with the eggs was a nice blend. I had two strips of bacon (my only concession), but I always cook them as half-strips. It just seems better to me (probably mental!). It's close to payday, so I need to shop. My veggie stash is getting low. As Mr. Bill would say, "Oh no!"

Had a nice New Zealand Honey Crisp apple for snack, with a ton of cinnamon on it. 
Keeping with the apple and zucchini theme: Lunch was sauteed zucchini and onion along with a chicken/apple sausage. I added a touch of garlic salt and some pepper. Ghee was the fat of the meal. Delicious!

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