Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 23 - Look at me go!

FBS 158

One of my favorite breakfasts! 3 eggs, broccoli/cauliflower mix, S&P, toss in the Magic Bullet, blend, add to hot pan with some healthy fat in it, and cook. Sometimes it turns out like a big pancake, but today, not so much. I topped it with some pulverized tomato. Numtastic.

After exercise/before lunch BS: 101 - got a banana on the way home from the pool just in case. 
Again with the leftover broc/cauliflower? Why yes, again. Lunch also included mushrooms and a filet. 
Dinner was meatloaf cooked in cupcake tins so I could easily freeze in portions, along with a carrot/green bean mix. I had a bit of pineapple afterward. It was canned and it sucked. I'll stick with fresh from now on. 

Reflections: One of my pool exercise mates said "You look like you've lost more weight." I told her I had. Then she asked me how to find out more about Whole30. She also has diabetes and I know it would be great for her, but she needs to research it herself. I shipped off all my 2X-3X-4X to MO for Lisa to send to OK. I'm sure there's a woman of plus size that could use them. I also never plan to wear them again, so that's that.

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