Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 20 - Looking ahead

FBS 165

I am officially on Whole30 for 10 more days. Then what? I'll be working on that "what" for the rest of my life, methinks. I know some people do a Whole30 from time to time. I wonder if a gut and metabolic reset once month out of each year is worth considering.
This morning's fare includes fried tomatoes and a couple of eggs. It turned over as a whole and was quite tasty with only salt and pepper as seasoning. 

For lunch, I had leftovers - cabbage, carrots, chicken, with a banana on the way home from the gym.

It was time for steak for dinner. I put the asparagus and mushrooms in the pan with the filets.  
A side of avocado with compliant salsa, and dinner was complete. I had a small bowl of cherries to top it all off. 

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