Thursday, February 14, 2013

Excuses need not apply

Now has come the time to block the excuses at the door. They are no longer welcome here.

I had a wee health scare Saturday, chest pains, ER, followup with doctor Monday, followup with cardiologist Tuesday, and stress test tomorrow. First doctor took me off exercise. Second doctor concurred. I saw all the stress and mess as an excuse to overeat and not give a shit.

Reality beckons. I want to reach the 60-pound mark. There's one way to do that and that's to follow my already set up plan. Eating habits change, exercise, lifestyle change. My Fitness Plan is my tracking method. GymPact is my exercise motivational tool. My family is with me on the lifestyle changes.

But excuses? They are a powerful foe. But I'm done with them for 24 hours. Tomorrow, I'll make another personal pact to knock out excuses again. Tomorrow I do my exercise stress test. Tomorrow, I should be cleared for exercise.

So, I say as I get it together for this day, excuses be damned.

Still fucking fat and still fucking working on it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shut the bloody hell up!

Evening is upon us once more and the kitchen calls in a very loud voice. I have two choices - listen or not. Tonight, I choose not. 

I hate that it calls me. I hate that I heed that call. If there was a pill that could stop impulsive/compulsive eating at night, I'd take it. 

So, kitchen voice, shut the fuck up. Now.

Still fat. Still fucking fighting it.