Saturday, January 12, 2013

It'll get better some day?

I always feel like I could eat a moose in one sitting. I could eat all the peanuts an elephant could inhale in nothing flat. A full meal probably wouldn't be enough right now.

I know I'm not hungry and that my behavior modification has to include not giving in to every whim.

I've been paying attention to hunger versus satisfaction and have been hearing more about scales on television and elsewhere.

The following was borrowed from the intuitive eating blog. They have several scales listed, but this one seems to be the clearest. Satiety seems to peak at 6. Any number larger than that is not a goal for me.

10: Stuffed to the point of feeling sick (Thanksgiving full!)
9: Very uncomfortable, tired
8: Uncomfortably full
7: Feel you have eaten just a little bit too much
6: Comfortable, satisfied [stop eating]
5: Just noticing the first signs of hunger [slow down, if eating]
4: Hungry, ready to eat [Eat at this point]

3: Very hungry
2: Extremely hungry, irritable
1: Starving, can't concentrate, dizzy
[From Judy & Arthur Halliday's "THIN WITHIN"]

I need to remind myself, I'm not hungry right now. I'm a 6 and not even close to a 5 or lower. The hefalump in me is going to have to STFU and wait till breakfast. 

Still fucking fat. Still fucking working on it. 

Bye Bye Weight Watchers

"The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving." –Oliver Wendell Holmes

I have been stuck since the end of October. Totally stuck between 254 and 256. The scales go up one or two and then down one or two, then up one or two and down one or two. You get the picture. In October, when I had my regular diabetes checkup with Dr. Handsome, he suggested I consider trying, telling me that a lot of his patients and staff had good luck with their tracking toys and weight loss. So, that what I did earlier this week after having a regular followup with him again.
It's time to bid Weight Watchers adieu, at least temporarily. I may be back, but right now, I'm not working the program for whatever reason. I haven't quite figured it out myself. My mojo is out there in the ether somewhere, maybe? It's also time to welcome a couple new friends into my life - and GymPact, a very cool app. Now, I'm not an app person, but this one will make me money. More on that in a sec.
I'll still be watching nutrition and diabetes-friendly foods, and I'll still be exercising at least three times a week. In fact, I've made a pact to exercise three times a week. I pay nothing for the GymPact app, but if I miss a day, each day I've missed costs me $5. At the end of a week, everyone who has not missed their pact gets a cut of the $5 others lost by not keeping their pact. It won't make me rich, but I don't want to miss a day if it's going to cost me $5 each!

The scanner with MFP works a bit better than the WW one, and the breakdown of nutrition in reports is important to me. I have begun and I'm pretty damned pleased with myself.

Still fucking fat and still fucking working on it.