Thursday, November 24, 2011

Progress Photos

How things are going. 

May 2011, Pre-Before

July 2011, a week before joining WW

11/24/11 -16 pounds

03/05/2012 -26 

04/12/2012 -30 pounds

05/03/12 -35 pounds

06/15/12 -45 pounds
09/13/12 -55 pounds

05/13/13 -60 
I started Whole30 on May 1. 

A few facial changes during my Whole30 - 05/01-05/26/13. Where'd those puffy cheeks go?

Stupid picture, but I love it!
05/21/13 -65

Look who is growing a neck!
06/28/13 -76

09/10/13 -85

Monday, November 14, 2011

Who's a fucking warrior?

I'm a fucking warrior. This is my second week back at the pool and I felt like the king of the world. I did my hour of class with the rest of the folks, then broke off and did 6 laps of backstroke (2 more than usual) and 100 bicycle moves for my knees. I got it done, dammit. The extra 2 laps of backstroke were a challenge, but I keep repeating over and over in my head, "I am a fucking warrior....I am a fucking warrior...." and it worked. Those 2 laps went by with no trouble at all.

I made a pot of soup with a dried veggie mix, beef broth, and cous cous a couple weeks ago. I froze it in serving sizes and now am enjoying it for lunch. The dried vegetable mix is not all that great; it has the essence of split pea soup, so it's not terrible. Plus, I am so not letting it go to waste.  At least it's nutritious and high in fiber, right? I'm a warrior; I can eat anything. Heh!

I feel good today and am looking forward to tomorrow. I am not expecting a loss this week because of the 4.6-pound loss last week. That was a bit high and even though it was over three weeks, it was unexpected. I've worked hard this week to maintain within my points values, but haven't been 100% on target. Close, but no cigar. Real close, but still no cigar.

BUT! Who's a fucking warrior? I am. Knowing that, I can do anything. Still fat, but not forever.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fatness personafied

Still fat. Fucking fat. I feel really fucking fat today. I can't explain it any further than that, but I feel fat.

I've done a really good job of staying within points and exercise, and that's what it's all about. Eat better; move more. That's what Roberta always says and that's what I'm aiming for.

I overdid it last night, but I counted it all, and that is what it's all about. Honesty and responsibility.

And yet, today I feel fucking fat. Perhaps tomorrow I will not.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Things align sometimes

Who knows why the mojo comes and goes. I'm just happy when it's with me, riding along each day, helping to guide my choices.

I came home from Phoenix last Tuesday. While I was away from home, I was careful and mindful, but not hard assed about sticking with the WW program. I did count up points on fly day coming home and it came to 68. Interestingly, the leader this week suggested that in days gone by, it would have been twice that. I believe she's right. Winnie and I had ice cream every single night, but we had a serving in a coffee cup that she served up. The one time she bought ice cream sandwiches, I ended up eating all of them but one, so I asked her not to get them again. That's an obvious danger food for me. We did eat well, but we also digressed from time to time, but something went right. At the meeting this Tuesday, I had lost 4.6 pounds over the past three weeks.

Today, like every day, I'm working hard to stick with it and not go too overboard. Since I've been home, I've also been going to the exercise class three instead of one or two days a week. I'm trying not to allow my lazy tendencies to take over. I'm also seriously trying to move more and not put things off.

I've had several followup physician appointments, started laser hair removal treatments, and have a scheduled appointment with a new orthopedist to get my knee surgery underway.

Food finds - Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp bars. Unfortunately, they're way too good and they're gone. I will try them again, but if they get gone in one day again, they won't darken my door after that. I also purchased ready made mashed potatoes and divvied them up into individual servings to have with root veggies in my typical cooks, mash, and hand blender them to death. I figure as long as I keep eating that combo, might as well have the potatoes on hand. I originally cooked potatoes with cauliflower or broccoli and mashed that, but have been experimenting with leftover mashed potatoes and one of the WW members Tuesday suggested buying Green Giant broccoli and cheese and mashing that with the potatoes. She was right. That was really good! That doesn't mean I'll stop doing homemade items, but having the pre-prepared foods on hand will keep me from flubbing up on days I don't feel like it.

And there you have it. Life is pretty good right now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back back and back again

Oh, who the hell knows how or why David Hasselhof ended up on my blog? But there he is and I am taking as a sign that I'm doing a-okay. Ick. I gained a pound or three while gone and now it's time to take them off. Maybe David Fucking OhMyGodWhatADork Hasselfhof can help. Gag.

The main thing is that I am doing a great job of getting back to my non vacation self. I am not smoking. I am eating properly. I'm not being lazy (a precursor to exercise!). I made my reservation for Phoenix in June, Winnie's coming here in January, and that gives a couple of things to look forward to (not that I don't look forward to every single day!).

Anyway, kick it bitches. Back to the amazing trip of a lifetime toward and through health!